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Providing a platform 
 for dialogue between Roma and non-Roma

Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation is a Hungarian Roma civil society organization. The main mission of Uccu is to combat prejudices and negative stereotypes related to Roma, so we can all live in a more tolerant and open society. The lack of acceptance often derives from the lack of knowledge about other cultures and people. In Hungary those who reflect anti-Gypsyist attitudes are typically those who know the least about the group they reject. Our Foundation provides an opportunity for primary and secondary school students from all over Hungary to meet and engage in a meaningful conversation with their young Roma peers.


An important part of our work is community development. We provide continuous training opportunities for our volunteers and partners.


Upon joining our team, our dedicated young Roma volunteers will gain invaluable professional experience.


We approach both youngsters and adults. Our methods are inspirational, thoughtful, and develop critical thinking.


Through dialogue and direct contact with our young Roma volunteers, participants will receive a credible experience, which can demolish prejudice.

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+36 20 241 8800
1134 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 43-45. V/6
You can help us 
 to reach even more people

Uccu Foundation has been working in the field of informal education, social dialogue, volunteerism and community building since 2010.

We believe that real learning happens through dialogue, personal experience and active participation.

Most of our educational sessions are led by well prepared and enthusiastic young volunteers.

Support Uccu Foundation so that we can continue to work for equal rights and a more tolerant society.

10 000 children

asked important questions from us

100 schools

asked for our free programs

50 volunteers

participated in our work as educators

20 professionals

helped us with their know-how

How to help?


You can support us with your time, if you join as a volunteer: as Hungarian speaking Roma you can be a moderator of educational sessions, as a non-Roma you can help the work of our organization in other ways.

TAX 1%

Hungarian tax law allows to donate 1% of your personal income. You can support Uccu by filling out the declaration form with Uccu’s tax number: 18151235-1-42. Declaration form.


If you are interested in our projects and would like to support our cause, we accept donations on the following bank account: OTP Bank: 11794015-20000710 IBAN: HU90 1179 4015 2000 0710 0000 0000 SWIFT: OTPV HU HB


We are also happy to accept useful items for our Foundation.